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Stay ahead of the crowd with the latest and best search engine marketing techniques.

SEM (now used more frequently than traditional marketing) employs a number of techniques such as paid placements, contextual advertising, paid inclusions and pay-per-click methods. Our main focus is maximizing your return on investment no matter which technique is used.

We will integrate SEM methods with your SEO efforts to take full advantage of the most effective techniques. The world of online marketing is fluid and ever-changing. A marketing technique that worked well six months ago may not be as effective today.

For example, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is now taking different forms with more conservative price points and more realistic goals. Online businesses are rightfully becoming more concerned with actual sales than traffic to their site.

Maximize Your PPC Returns

The staff at Avenue180 are PPC experts and we can maximize your ROI and campaign effectiveness.  Let us show you a return on your investment today!.

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Google/Bing Ads

Avenue180’s enterprise level PPC Management platform helps supercharge paid search campaigns with actionable insights. Monthly analysis and monitoring of the data enables us to recommend and implement further improvements to the account’s performance.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on Facebook is one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. Advertising with Facebook Ads allows you to reach the exact audience you want with relevant targeted advertising.

LinkedIn Advertising

We can build a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy on a scale that suits your needs and objectives.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporate brand or a small business.  The success of our comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy is measured by your traffic and revenue goals.

Site Retargeting

Remarketing allows you to reach people who previously visited your website, and match the right people with the right message. You can show messaging to users that have visited your site as they browse sites across the Google Display Network.

PPC Management

If you are looking for instant traffic and the ability to target potential customers with online ads, then Pay Per Click advertising is for you.

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Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your competitors’ AdWords campaigns enables us to know who we are up against and helps us tailor the campaign strategy more effectively.

Click Fraud Analysis

Proper click fraud analysis & reporting is essential to reducing AdWords costs for the PPC advertisers.

A/B Split Testing

With split testing, two or more ads are tested side by side to determine which performs better at a specific metric.

ROI Analysis

Knowing the ROI of your advertising and marketing campaigns helps you to identify which techniques are most effective for generating income for your business.
Decrease in Wasted Spend
Increase in Online Sales
Decrease in Cost Per Sale
Increase in Leads

The Staff at Avenue180 are SEM Experts

The staff at Avenue180 understands that increasing conversions rates is the real goal for your company. Google and other search engines are constantly investing in new and better ways to reach customers online, and, it’s important to keep pace with these innovations. Search engines are valuable advertising mediums when used effectively and consistently. The staff at Avenue180 are SEM experts and can maximize your ROI and campaign effectiveness.