Then we speak to them in their language

We Understand Your Potential Customers

At Avenue 180, in our Ave180 LABs, our marketing department is always developing cutting edge technology that provides us with the right information about any consumer. This gives us a definite advantage in the war for consumerism and buying trends.

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We Study Your Customers Buying Tendencies

Consumer insights is the study of human behavior with regards to their buying tendencies. The objective is to learn how people shop and why they buy certain products and services.

This important field of study bridges the gap between marketing and research to deliver key information to your marketing department. Once you understand how and why people buy things, you can craft a message that appeals to their innermost frame of mind.

Our Consumer Insights Strategies Will

Increase New Customer Rates

If you know who your potential customer is, what their habits are, and how they like to buy, you can market to them effectively and increase your new customer rate.

Grow Customer Life Time Value

Once you know how your customers think, you can appeal to their most inner desires and engage with them on a more personal, emotional level. Increasing their loyalty.

Our Consumer Insight Strategies Are

Customer Segmentation

We help you identify underserved segments so you can outperform the competition by developing uniquely appealing products and services.

Buyer Persona

Where does your customer get his/her news from? What position do they hold?  What are their favorite charities? We get answers needed to understand your customers.

Social Listening

The Internet is the world’s largest focus group. We tap into the wealth of information and use it to develop the the most targeted and concise strategy possible.


Though the obvious goal for consumer insights is to increase your bottom line, it’s a very unique and interesting field of study. On the one hand, you want to have vital information about your consumers. And on the other hand, you want a message that speaks to the consumer’s underlying desires, moods, aspirations, and mindsets. In other words, what will motivate a consumer to press the “Buy” button? What can you do to ensure that current customers come back again and make additional purchases?

With the right consumer insight information, we can help your business speak directly and intimately to your customers. This results in the acquisition of new customers and in developing strong long-term relationships with each one.

Increase Sales with Actionable Data!

Our consumer insights program provides you with actionable data that can increase your sales and even change the behavior of your customers. We strive to build a marketing program that attracts new customers, while developing stronger ties to older customers. Earning and maintaining the trust of your customers is paramount.

Build Your Brand

This field of study includes defining and strengthening your brand while reinforcing your mission statement to consumers. If you’d like to learn more about how Avenue 180 can help your company increase sales and conversion rates with our Consumer Insights program, please contact us.