6 Ways To Create Local SEO For All Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

When you own a local brick and mortar business that that serves a specific local area, your search engine optimization efforts should focus on local SEO, so potential leads can find you at the top of Google!

At Avenue180, we’ve worked with a handful of local businesses and we know the in’s and out’s of creating a local SEO plan for your mortar or brick business.

So let’s explore 6 ways to optimize your brick and mortar website for better local SEO Results!

Home Page

The home page of your website will rank higher on search engines if it contains  your most popular services, locations you serve, and testimonials.

Local SEO Homepage



If your brick and mortar business serves multiple locations in one region, each location should have its own page. At Avenue180, we build individual location pages that are optimized, so when someone searches for their location, your page will come up in their search.

SEO Local Location Pages

Optimized URL’s

Check your website address now, does it contain a service or location you serve? If not, you have to change it now. This is an example of a very effective local SEO website address http://www.atlantaspinecenter.com/

Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

By optimizing every meta description, title tags, and image tags, you’ll boost your exposure on all search engines because they’ll understand what your website is about.

The metadata and title tags to your website should include a set of searchable keywords including the locations, region, city and state.

Local SEO META Descriptions

Customer Reviews

At Avenue180, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get customer reviews because they affect local search engines when people search for your brick and mortar business. So be sure to provide your current clients an incentive to write up a customer review. Customer reviews is a trust-building tool that customers love to see when choosing brick and mortar providers.

Local SEO Reviews

Google My Business

If you don’t have a Google My Business account, get one now! When your brick and mortar business has a verified Google My Business account, you automatically boost your chances to get displayed on the top three most relevant results for local search on Google.

google my business

Let Us Help You Create a Local SEO Plan Now!

We’ve just explored 6 ways to optimize your brick and mortar website for better local SEO Results! Let the Avenue180 team, ensure your mortar company gets  local customers in your area and brings in a high return on investment. Contact us here and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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