How to Create Relationships, Not Just Followers with your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

For most online businesses, generating leads is the main goal when it comes maintaining a social media presence.

So your social media outlets need to be on point and be able to generate a huge following in the hundreds of thousands. That’s what where we come in and we turn your social media campaigns into effective lead generation machines that garner thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

But we don’t stop at just getting followers for your online business, we’re all about creating relationships with your followers! Here’s a sneak peak on how we create relationships with your followers on social media!

Engage, engage, and engage!

It’s important to engage with followers right away. So the moment someone comments on one of your posts, engage with them! Tell them thank you!

Inspire Your Followers!

Effective social media campaigns aren’t solely based on getting followers, it’s about inspiring them. If you want to create social media campaigns that strengthens your relationship with your followers, you need to create visually-compelling content with a thought-provoking story.

When your followers get inspired by your inspiring posts, they’ll feel attached to your brand because you’ve provided them with an inspirational and unique brand experience.

Talk to them!

Just don’t comment, talk to your followers! To create relationships with your followers, talk to them! If they post a question in public, direct message them. If they’re interested in your product or service, send them a private message and give them an introductory promo code. Followers love to be singled out and receiving a direct message in their inbox, tells them you care. This is the start of a fruitful social media relationship!

Image by Tom Fishburne.

Image by Tom Fishburne.

Run a Contest with a Prize!

Everyone loves to win a prize or get something free! Weekly and monthly contests is a good way to create relationships with your followers because they’ll always come back to participate.

Social Media Contest

Ask for Feedback (Good or Bad)!

Want to create relationships with your followers? Then ask them for feedback! Whether you want to know which product they like the most or which they like least, ask them! Getting good or bad feedback from followers makes them feel like they’re being heard. Even better is when you implement their feedback to making changes in your company, they’ll feel valued!

Let Us Help You Create Relationships With Your Followers Now!

We’ve just presented 5 ways that you can build relationships with your followers! At Avenue180, we’re all about creating relationships with your followers, we find that it brings in a high return on investment when you engage with your followers on a personal level. Contact us here and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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