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Today’s Consumer is the Savviest in History

Digital Advertising and BrandingAt Avenue180, we are dedicated to ensuring your message is one of
focus, clarity and passion and your brand instills confidence and trust in each and every customer. Further, we’ll work with you to develop a reputation for excellence for your company and position you as a leader in your industry.

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Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing is Knowing the Impulse

Fully understanding your current and potential customers is key to an effective marketing campaign. We will identify and assemble a number of customer personas that act as the backbone of your marketing efforts then analyze a continuing stream of information to identify and cater to your potential customer base with pinpoint accuracy. Social media is all about information gathering and creating a consensus based on peer opinion. Avenue180 understands this better than anyone and uses this innovative marketing technique to its best advantage.  Read More

Online Reputation Management

Measuring Corporate Reputation

You’ve worked hard on developing a stellar reputation and standing in your industry. In the online marketing world, that reputation is on the line thousands of times a day. Avenue180 goes to great lengths to protect your reputation. Read More

Building Fans While Building Your Brand

Avenue180 will turn your business into a hip, sophisticated outfit so that you can discover your fan base.  Social media accounts for an ever-increasing percentage of online marketing efforts. We’ll position you and your company to take full advantage of this new phenomenon. Read More

Measure Your Digital Marketing

The world of search engine marketing and digital marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and search engine optimization (SEO) now dominate online marketing efforts. To succeed, you need new tools and strategies to reach your target audience and potential customer base.

As a leading digital marketing agency, Avenue180 has a full range of services that work together seamlessly to deliver your message and brand in the most effective way possible. Using digital marketing techniques such as  search engine marketing, emerging media, behavioral marketing research, reputation management and social media marketing (among others), we’ll design a marketing campaign that sets you apart from the crowd and reaches or exceeds your immediate and long-term goals.

Avenue180 monitors the pulse of the digital marketing & online marketing world in real time. This allows us to spot future trends before they emerge and predict what steps need to be taken to remain at the cutting edge of the latest innovations in digital marketing.  Being a full service digital marketing agency we will position your company to take advantage of most effective digital marketing strategies now and in the future. Read More


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine OptimizationsStay ahead of the crowd with our search engine marketing techniques. The staff at Avenue180 are SEM experts and can maximize your ROI and campaign effectiveness.

BUZZ Monitoring

BUZZ Monitoring Curious to know what people are saying about you and your company? Our innovative buzz monitoring techniques allow you to address issues of image and customer confidence.


Search Marketing AnalyticsKnowing who visits your website and why is the best to fine tune your online marketing efforts. Our web analytics provide an extensive profile for each potential customer!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingAvenue180 has a team dedicated to engaging your brand's social audience.  Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, your brand needs to have a defined and concise message.

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Search Marketing Campaign For Injoi
Injoi Home Services turned to Avenue180 to create a search engine optimization strategy that would drive consideration for Injoi’s products Learn more

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